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Home loan means that you buy a house on installments with an interest rate, when you could not afford to pay the required amount in lump sum. Home loans in India have enabled people Buy Property in India despite the skyrocketing prices. Today, there is substantial Real Estate Investment in India, in the fields of both Residential and Commercial Properties. Home Loans in India are disbursed by many Banks, as the Loan Banking is one of the most important functions of the Financial Services in India.

There are a number of companies which offer Cheap home loans at a low interest rate. You can also avail loan against existing house for renovation or expansion etc. Property Launch has put together a comprehensive listing of all important Housing Finance Institutes and Home Finance Banks which provide Cheapest Home Loans at the lowest interest rates available in the market.

There are fixed rates, floating rates, mixed and fixed home loan interest rates with reset clauses. It gets more complicated with various housing finance institutes and banks having their own custom home loan offerings. Property Launch has put together the salient features of various banks home loan offerings at one place. We are always with you from beginning to the end of your housing loans.